Horizontal Single Axis Tracker

The horizontal single axis tracker is the most common tracking solution adopted worldwide because of its cost effectiveness, ease of installation and low maintenance expense.

Datasheet (pdf)

Redundancy Design

New Standard for Reliability

The redundancy concept means there are two systems: one primary system and another one for backup. In case the primary system fails, the backup system automatically performs a switch-over. The purpose is to eliminate tracker failure and protect economic returns by keeping power generation unchanged. The redundancy system doesn’t add any maintenance cost: Routine maintenance is enough to reduce the need for emergency field support. This patented redundancy design has been applied to the motor of the slewing drive, control unit, power supply and sensor.

Unique Arrangement of Center of Mass and Center of Rotation

Having a balanced arrangement of panels on pivot points, which distribute the weight of solar panels evenly on the tracker, minimizes the load required by drive systems. This results in less wear and tear, lower power consumption, and increased reliability.

High Returns on Investment

With only a 5-10% investment increase, Arctech’s horizontal single axis tracker will help achieve a better ROI(Return On Investment) and IRR(Internal Rate of Return) by boosting power generation up to 25% depending on the project location.